AI Tools That Help Me Save One Day of Work Weekly

1. Video Call Summary
  • Follows on Google Meetings and Zoom. High free tier (300 minutes monthly), great for actionable summaries and quick to-do lists. Saves time on composing follow-up messages. Utilizes AI for real-time transcription and generating summaries.

2. Scheduling and Task Management
  • Motion: The ultimate tool for productivity, helping to fit actual work between meetings. Ideal if you have clear task estimates and can break down your workload. Uses AI to optimize scheduling and workload management.

3. Email
  • Superhuman: Fast email client with AI-powered "Write with AI" feature. Ideal for composing short messages outside of predefined snippets. Incorporates AI to enhance email composition and efficiency.

4. Video Transcript
  • Notta: Best for accuracy and supports many languages. Ideal for transforming Zoom calls into text summaries and transcribing videos in languages you're learning. Employs AI for accurate and multilingual transcription.

5. News
  • Feedly: News aggregation platform with AI topics for personalized news feeds. Following trends or topics instead of specific channels enhances relevance. Leverages AI for curated news feeds and blog post discovery.

6. Terminal Client
  • Warp: Ultimate terminal software with a built-in AI assistant for command line queries. Integrates AI to assist with terminal commands and queries.

7. Social
  • TweetHunter: AI-based tweet search and engagement tools. Includes AI writer and replies. Utilizes AI for content discovery, creation, and automated engagement.

Reels and Short Video Editing
  • Runway ML: AI for complex video editing tasks like background removal and style transfer. A video editing tool powered by AI.
  • Lumen5: Transforms text into engaging video stories, automatically matching content with visuals. An AI-driven platform for video story creation.
  • Magisto: Creates professional-looking videos from provided footage using AI. Analyzes footage to select interesting parts and add effects.

  • Crystal: Provides personality insights based on LinkedIn profiles for tailored communication. Offers AI-driven personality insights to enhance communication strategies.
  • Zopto: AI tool for automated lead generation on LinkedIn. Leverages AI for identifying and engaging with potential leads efficiently.
  • Meet Alfred: Manages LinkedIn outreach with personalized messaging sequences based on AI analysis. Incorporates AI to optimize LinkedIn campaign performance.

Writing and Content Creation
  • Grammarly: Improves grammar, tone, and clarity in writing with real-time AI suggestions. Features AI to enhance writing quality.
  • Jasper: AI writing tool for generating high-quality content across various formats. Designed to assist in content creation with AI-powered suggestions.

  • GitHub Copilot: AI suggests code snippets and helps write code faster with fewer errors. An AI pair programmer that assists in coding tasks.

Additional AI Tools for Enhanced Productivity
  • Synthesia: Generates videos from text, eliminating the need for cameras or actors. Uses AI to create videos from text for content production.