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How to Screw Up Your AI Startup: A Tale of Tech, Triumphs, and Traps

A story that’s a mix of comedy and tragedy, packed with valuable lessons.

Envision a bright-eyed entrepreneur (that’s me) with dreams bigger than a data center, diving eagerly into the exciting world of AI startups. The goal? To surf the AI wave straight to Successville. However, the reality was more like a wild rollercoaster ride through a place I call Oopsie-Daisy Land. Sadly, it’s a common fact that fewer than 10% of startups make it on average.

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A Miracle of Data Visualization
No matter how skilled your company’s analytical team is, or how complete their data and algorithms are, the results can turn out to be dissatisfying. Often, this happens due to incorrect visualization of the work, on which directors, investors and shareholders...
Dispelling Stereotypes Of Digitalization and Data Analytics
In this article, I would like to explore in more detail the top seven data analytics and digitalization misconceptions most businesses suffer from. Let’s dig in!
Unfortunately, a portion of companies in the market still considers “digital transformation,” “big data“...
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